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Nick Assef Is The Chairman Of Lincoln Crowne And Company

October 25, 2015
Nick Assef has a unique understanding of the corporate world as someone who has dealt with it from the inside for many years now. He has been able to work directly with corporations in a large variety of industries and has proven that he has the ability to understand and develop solutions to a number of the corporate world's most difficult problems. This is why, when a corporation has a real problem, they often look to contact Nick Assef.

Nick Assef serves as the Chairman of Lincoln Crowne & Company, an independent corporate advisory firm. Lincoln Crowne & Company is widely respected because of their ability to consistently achieve results for their clients. Nick Assef has guided the company with his personal commitment to excellence in regards to professional services.

Lincoln Crowne & Company is based out of Sydney, Australia, but the company works with corporations based both domestically and internationally. Regardless of the details of the dispute, the size of the corporation, or the industry in which they operate, they will receive the same high quality services from Lincoln Crowne & Company. Nick Assef is proud of the company's reputation within the corporate world and consistently strives to improve upon it.
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